Create fully customizable unique AI-generated faces with Fotor.

May 15, 2023


$ 9



It is an advanced online tool that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to create unique and realistic human faces from scratch.


  1. Generate Realistic Face Images from Text: It utilizes AI and deep machine learning algorithms to generate highly realistic human faces based on user-provided text descriptions.
  2. Full Control over Facial Customization: Users have complete control over customizing the facial features of the generated faces.
  3. Unique, Worry-Free Face Portraits: Every face generated by Fotor’s  is unique, ensuring that users have access to original and exclusive content.
  4. Various Styles Available: It offers a diverse range of styles for generating faces. Users can choose from options such as 3D, illustration, anime, cyberpunk, and more, allowing for versatility and catering to different artistic preferences.
  5. Beyond Face Generation: It capabilities extend beyond face generation. The platform can also create landscapes, animal pictures, 3D illustrations, cartoon characters, paintings, digital art, and more, providing users with a comprehensive suite of creative tools.

Use Cases:

  1. Creative Inspiration and Profile Pictures: Fotor’s is an excellent resource for generating random faces that can serve as inspiration for creative projects or as unique profile pictures for social media and online platforms.
  2. Stylistic Artistic Projects: Artists and designers can utilize the platform to create faces in various styles to suit their specific artistic projects.
  3. Custom Character Creation: Writers, game developers, and marketers can leverage AI to create customized faces that align with their storytelling or branding needs
  4. Base for Further Editing and Design: The generated faces can serve as a starting point for further editing and design.


Fotor’s AI Face Generator is a simple process. Users input text prompts describing the desired face, select a style, and click “Generate” to generate unique and realistic faces that match their specifications.

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