Finch 3D

Finch 3D

optimize building designs, iterate faster, detect errors, and find optimal solutions..

May 10, 2023

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This tool is a powerful software solution that harnesses the power of AI and graph technology to optimize building design processes.

Key Features:

Faster Iteration:

It enables architects and designers to explore numerous design possibilities and iterate quickly.

Immediate Feedback:

The tool provides instant feedback on designs, allowing architects and designers to visualize building performance through informative charts and data.

Built-in Error Prevention:

It includes built-in error prevention features that ensure compliance with firm, customer, and municipality rules.

Sharing of Interactive 3D Models:

Collaboration is made easy with AI as it allows users to share fully interactive 3D models with stakeholders and team members.

Use Cases:

Building Design:

Finch3D is a valuable tool for architects and designers who aim to optimize building design. The AI-powered capabilities help in exploring design options, identifying.

Streamlining the Design Process:

With its fast iteration and immediate feedback features, it streamlines the design process.

Ensuring Compliance:

Compliance with rules and regulations is crucial in the construction industry.

Collaboration and Feedback:

It facilitates collaboration among stakeholders and team members by enabling the sharing of fully interactive 3D models.


Finch3D is an innovative tool created by architects for architects. By leveraging AI and graph technology, it empowers architects and designers to optimize building designs, iterate faster, detect errors, and find optimal solutions.

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