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Summarize web pages, articles and research papers with a single click.

May 5, 2023


ExplainThis AI

A game-changing Chrome extension designed to revolutionize the way you understand and digest web content.

Key Features

AI Assistant for Web Browsing:

Enjoy the convenience of summarizing entire web pages and grasping key concepts with a single click.

Advanced Language Models:

Leverage the expertise of pre-trained language models to ensure accurate and comprehensive explanations.  The AI assistant can highlight and explain complex concepts in a clear and understandable manner.

Privacy and Security:

AI prioritizes user privacy, ensuring that your data is protected. A comprehensive Privacy Policy is in place, outlining the commitment to safeguarding user information.

Ideal Use

Students and Researchers:

Quickly understand and summarize academic articles and research papers. Highlight and explain complex theories and concepts in plain language.

Content Creators:

Expedite the research phase by summarizing content from various sources. Ensure your content is accessible by using ExplainThis AI to simplify complex topics.

Professionals and Executives:

Keep up with industry trends by summarizing news articles and reports. Quickly digest lengthy reports and documents to stay efficient in your professional endeavors.


Summarize content for educational purposes, creating concise teaching materials. Provide students with additional explanations and summaries for better understanding.


ExplainThis AI is not just an extension; it’s your intelligent companion for navigating the vast world of the internet. Revolutionize your web browsing experience with AI!

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