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Evita AI

Evita AI

EVITA is your personal singing teacher, voice nerd, and thespian, powered by AI.

May 21, 2023

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Your cutting-edge personal singing teacher, voice nerd, and thespian. With its advanced AI technology, AI is designed to help you improve your singing skills, explore repertoire, characters, and musicals, and unlock your full vocal potential.

Key Features:

  1. Character Analysis: It offers in-depth insights into song characters, allowing you to gain a comprehensive understanding of their motivations, emotions, and journey.
  2. Character Visualizer: With EVITA, you can visualize your favorite musical characters. This feature enables you to immerse yourself in the world of the character, understand their appearance.
  3. Hero’s Journey: It helps you determine where your song fits within your character’s journey. By exploring the character’s arc.
  4. Internal Monologue: It offers a unique perspective by helping you discover the character’s thoughts during a scene.
  5. Lesson Summarizer: This feature ensures that you have a clear understanding of the key takeaways and actionable steps to improve your vocal technique, performance skills, and overall growth as a singer.

Ideal Uses:

  1. Enhance Singing Skills with Personalized AI Coaching: EVITA serves as your personal singing coach, providing tailored guidance and feedback to improve your singing skills.
  2. Explore Characters and Musicals: It allows you to delve into the world of characters and musicals, deepening your understanding and connection to the repertoire.
  3. Improve Vocal Technique and Songwriting: It supports you in improving your vocal technique through customized exercises, warmups, and cool downs.


EVITA is the ultimate AI-powered singing teacher, providing comprehensive vocal coaching, character analysis, and exploration of musicals. With its personalized AI coaching, character visualizer, hero’s journey analysis, internal monologue exploration, and lesson summarizer.

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