AI users to scan their OpenAI ChatGPT Plugin manifest to evaluate its security.

May 23, 2023


Escape by SecureGPT

It is a powerful tool that allows users to scan their OpenAI ChatGPT Plugin manifest to evaluate its security.

Key Features:

  1. Security Assessment: It performs a comprehensive set of security tests on the ChatGPT Plugin manifest, evaluating its security against common vulnerabilities.
  2. Bug Identification and Fixing: Users can identify and fix any bugs or vulnerabilities in the manifest before deploying it to production, ensuring a more secure plugin integration.
  3. Upcoming ChatGPT Security Platform: Escape is continuously working on developing a comprehensive ChatGPT Security platform.
  4. API Security Services: It offers API Security services that help users find and fix bugs in their APIs before production deployment. This further ensures the security of the entire system.
  5. Contact and Support: It provides multiple channels of communication, including email, Discord, Twitter, LinkedIn, and GitHub, to address any inquiries or support needs users may have.

Ideal Uses:

  1. Assess and Enhance Plugin Security: Escape allows users to evaluate the security of their ChatGPT Plugin manifest, identifying any vulnerabilities and implementing fixes to enhance its security.
  2. Pre-production Bug Identification: By scanning the plugin manifest with AI, users can identify bugs or vulnerabilities before deploying the ChatGPT Plugin to production, ensuring a more secure integration.
  3. Leveraging ChatGPT Security Platform: Users can look forward to upcoming features of the ChatGPT Security platform by AI to enhance their security testing and integration processes.


Escape by SecureGPT, along with the API Security services provided by AI offers developers valuable tools and resources to ensure the security of their ChatGPT Plugins and APIs.

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