Marketplace where you can license, collect and share images of AI-generated.

July 20, 2023



It is an innovative creative marketplace that offers users the opportunity to explore and engage with AI-generated art.

Key Features:

  1. AI-Generated Art Gallery: It hosts a diverse and visually stunning gallery of AI-generated artworks. Users can explore a wide range of artistic styles and themes, each uniquely crafted by AI algorithms.
  2. Licensing Options: Artists and creators can license their AI-generated artworks on AI, it allowing others to use these images for various purposes, such as marketing, advertising, or personal projects.
  3. Art Collection: Users have the option to curate their own collections of AI-generated art, enabling them to organize and showcase their favorite pieces in a personalized and visually appealing manner.
  4. Sharing and Community: Dreamsands fosters a community of art enthusiasts and creators, providing a platform for users to share and engage with AI-generated art.

Ideal Uses:

  1. Art Enthusiasts: Individuals passionate about art, creativity, and technology can immerse themselves in the world of AI-generated art on AI.
  2. Content Creators: Professionals and content creators can utilize AI-generated art from Dreamsands to enhance their projects, marketing materials, or creative endeavors.
  3. Artists and Creators: It serves as a platform for artists and creators to showcase and monetize their AI-generated art.


Dreamsands is a vibrant and dynamic marketplace that celebrates the fusion of art and artificial intelligence. It empowers users to explore, license, collect, and share captivating images of AI-generated art, fostering creativity and inspiration within a growing community of art enthusiasts and creators.

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