Generate website guides without conducting live video calls.

January 15, 2024



This innovative tool empowers users to effortlessly generate comprehensive website guides without the need for scheduling or conducting live video calls.

Key Features

Full-Screen Walkthroughs:

It allows users to record comprehensive full-screen walkthroughs of their websites, capturing scrolls and other dynamic elements to provide an immersive experience for viewers.

AI-Generated Voice and Face:

The tool integrates AI to generate a natural-sounding voiceover, offering a professional touch to the walkthrough. Additionally, a virtual face can be included, enhancing the human touch in the presentation.

Instant Shareable Links:

Upon completion, it generates shareable links instantly. Users can easily distribute these links to customers, clients, or team members, allowing them to access the walkthrough at their convenience.

Browser-Based Convenience:

Being browser-based, ddle.dev eliminates the need for users to download any software. This accessibility enhances user convenience, making the tool readily available for use without installation hassles.

Pro Access Features:

The pro version AI offers advanced features, including the ability to customize narration tones, provide narrations in various languages, and automate specific forms within the walkthroughs.

Ideal Uses

Web Development:

Web developers can use AI to showcase their website designs to clients and receive feedback. The tool provides an effective medium for communicating the functionality and features of a website.

Digital Marketing:

Digital marketers can leverage ddle.dev to create engaging website walkthroughs for product launches, campaigns, or promotional content. The immersive experience enhances customer engagement.

Client Communication:

Agencies and freelancers can use AI as a communication tool with clients. Instead of traditional meetings, they can share interactive walkthroughs to explain website features, changes, or updates.

Sales Presentations:

Sales professionals can incorporate AI walkthroughs into their presentations to showcase product features and benefits in a visually appealing and interactive manner.

Training and Onboarding:

It is valuable for creating training materials and onboarding resources. It offers a dynamic way to guide employees or users through website functionalities, processes, or software interfaces.


Ddle.dev emerges as a versatile tool catering to a range of platforms and industries. Whether it’s web development, digital marketing, client communication, or sales presentations, the tool’s user-friendly interface and advanced features make it a valuable asset for those seeking an effective way to create and share interactive website walkthroughs.

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