Work sessions by effectively blocking distracting websites.

January 13, 2024



It is a dynamic Chrome extension meticulously designed to elevate users’ concentration levels during study or work sessions by effectively blocking distracting websites.

Key Features

Free and Accessible:

It is available for users at no cost, making it an accessible solution for anyone seeking to enhance their productivity by minimizing online distractions.

Keyword-Based Blocking:

Users can tailor their AI preferences by entering keywords representing categories of distracting websites.

Easy Configuration:

Getting started with Concentration is hassle-free. Users simply enable the extension, open the popup page, and enter keywords for websites they wish to block.

Mode Options:

It offers flexibility with two distinct modes. Strict Mode, powered by NLP, prioritizes speed, while GPT Mode, leveraging ChatGPT, emphasizes accuracy.

Focused Working Environment:

By proficiently blocking distracting websites based on user-defined keywords, it creates a focused working or studying environment.

Ideal Uses

Students and Academia:

It proves invaluable for students aiming to enhance their study habits and maintain focus during research or academic tasks.

Professionals and Remote Workers:

Professionals working remotely can leverage AI to curtail distractions, fostering a more productive and efficient remote work environment.

Content Creators:

Individuals engaged in content creation, writing, or any creative endeavors can benefit from Concentration to minimize interruptions and boost creativity.

Project Managers:

Project managers and team leaders can recommend or implement AI to enhance team productivity by minimizing time spent on distracting websites.

Freelancers and Entrepreneurs:

Freelancers and entrepreneurs can utilize AI to optimize their work hours and maintain this on critical business tasks.


Concentration emerges as a valuable Chrome extension, seamlessly integrating ChatGPT and NLP to combat digital distractions. With its user-friendly setup, customizable blocking based on keywords, and dual-mode options, it caters to a diverse user base seeking to elevate their AI levels and maximize productivity.

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