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Chord Variations

Chord Variations

Redefines the music composition for musicians.

August 15, 2023


Chord Variations

It is an unprecedented AI tool that redefines the landscape of music composition for musicians. This tool harmoniously merges the prowess of OpenAI GPT-4 with the realm of creativity, illuminating a new path in music creation.

Key Features:

  1. Smart Chord Expansion: Amplify your artistic palette by seamlessly infusing new chords into existing progressions, invigorating your compositions with renewed vitality.
  2. Root Note Customization: Chord Variations craft chords that resonate with your musical vision by handpicking the ideal root note from the comprehensive spectrum of 12 Western musical scale notes.
  3. Chord Quality Selection: Shape the very essence of your composition by selecting chord qualities—Major, Minor, Augmented, and more—infusing your music with distinctive character.
  4. Flexible Progression Length: Choreograph chord progressions extending up to five chords in length—striking the balance between complexity and musical coherence.


Chord Variations isn’t just a tool—it’s a harmonious bond between musicians and AI-driven composition. With a fluid interplay between technology and artistry, this revolutionary tool empowers musicians to chart uncharted territories within their music.

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