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ChatDOC is designed to enhance your reading experience and provide instant answers from PDF files.

May 4, 2023

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An innovative file-reading assistant powered by ChatGPT. With its advanced capabilities, this tool extracts and summarizes information from PDF documents, revolutionizing the way users interact with written content.

Highlight Features: 

  • Advanced AI Technology: It goes beyond simple text recognition and comprehends texts, tables, and images within PDF documents.
  • Citation Support: Ensuring accuracy and fact-checking, It provides direct citations from files. This feature is particularly useful for researchers and those who require precise information for academic or professional purposes.
  • Efficient Reading:It enhances reading efficiency by providing quick answers to user queries.

Ideal Use: 

  • Students and Researchers: Chatdoc is an invaluable tool for students and researchers seeking instant answers from research papers, books, and manuals.
  • Professionals: Professionals can benefit greatly from that, as it enables them to quickly access information from documents for decision-making or presentations.
  • General Users: Even for general users, It offers a convenient solution to efficiently extract information from PDF files.


It is a powerful file-reading assistant that revolutionizes the way we interact with PDF documents. By leveraging advanced AI technology, citation support, and efficient reading capabilities, this empowers students, professionals, and general users to access information quickly and make informed decisions.

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