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Mitigate defamation risks using AI: Custom thresholds and content flagging.

April 30, 2023



Mitigate defamation risks with AI-powered content analysis. Designed to support editors and enhance human oversight, It identifies high-risk content in near real-time, minimizing the potential for defamation. With its customizable API and adjustable thresholds, It ensures a tailored approach aligned with your organization’s risk tolerance.

Highlight Features:

  1. Real-time content analysis: It quickly scans and flags high-risk content, providing timely alerts.
  2. Editor support: Designed specifically for editors,It augments human oversight by highlighting potential defamation risks.
  3. Customizable API: The CaliberAI API allows you to set custom thresholds based on your organization’s unique risk tolerance.
  4. Tailored risk assessment: It adapts to your specific needs, providing personalized risk assessment for your content.

Ideal Use:

  • Editorial teams: It assists editors in identifying and addressing potential defamation risks in content creation and publication processes.
  • Online platforms: Websites and social media platforms can integrate it to proactively identify and mitigate defamation risks in user-generated content.
  • Legal departments: It provides valuable insights and risk assessment for legal teams involved in content review and risk management.


It empowers editors and organizations to reduce the risk of defamation by leveraging AI technology for content analysis. With real-time alerts, customized thresholds, and support for human oversight, It ensures a proactive approach to maintaining content integrity and minimizing potential legal consequences. Trust CaliberAI to safeguard your organization’s reputation and uphold content quality with AI-driven defamation risk assessment.

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