It streamlines hiring workflows and enhances the quality of interviews.

November 11, 2023



It stands out as an AI-driven platform designed to revolutionize the hiring process. By leveraging human-level AI capabilities, it enhances the interview experience for recruiters and hiring managers.

Key Features:

  1. Human-level AI Notes: Eliminates note-taking distractions during interviews, providing detailed and custom AI-generated notes capturing crucial nuances.
  2. Interviewer Feedback: Offers personalized coaching based on interactions, aiding continuous improvement in interviewing techniques.
  3. ATS Integration: Seamlessly integrates with existing Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), providing a unified hiring solution with end-to-end integration.
  4. Analytics and Visibility: Aspect offers recruiter and team visibility through analytics, empowering data-driven decision-making and collaboration.

Ideal Use Cases:

  1. Recruitment Efficiency: Ideal for boosting productivity and efficiency by providing clear and custom AI summaries of every interview.
  2. Informed Decision Making: Aids faster and more informed decision-making for both recruitment teams and clients.
  3. Interview Technique Enhancement: Improves interviewing techniques through personalized feedback, contributing to continuous professional development.
  4. Global Accessibility: With availability in over 30 languages, it caters to a broad market, making it accessible to diverse users.


By offering advanced AI capabilities, seamless integration with ATS, and personalized feedback, it enhances the quality of interviews, streamlines hiring workflows, and facilitates effective collaboration.

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