AI Host


A virtual AI host to automate live shows.

October 9, 2023


$ 20

AI Host

A virtual AI host that can autonomously lead your live shows, eliminating the need for a human host.

Key Features:

Virtual AI Host:

Provides a virtual AI host to automate live shows, freeing content creators from the need for a human host.

Interactive Games:

Introduces engaging trivia games, word searches, wordict games, and last comment wins games to add an interactive layer to live shows.

Countdowns and Pre-recorded Videos:

Incorporates countdowns and the ability to seamlessly integrate pre-recorded videos. Enables creators to build anticipation and include polished content within live streams.

Real-time Interaction with AI Host:

The AI host understands the context of the show and interacts with players in real-time. Delivers a mix of educational and entertaining content to engage the audience throughout the live stream.

Ideal Uses

Social Media Influencers:

Engage followers with interactive trivia games, word searches, and live polls, creating a dynamic and entertaining live streaming experience.

Educational Platforms:

Utilize the AI host for educational content delivery, incorporating interactive quizzes and engaging games to enhance participant learning and retention.

Corporate Training:

Make corporate training sessions more engaging by integrating interactive elements, quizzes, and games to keep employees actively involved and learning.


AI Host’s versatility makes it applicable across various platforms and industries, allowing for innovative and engaging live streaming experiences tailored to the specific needs of content creators, businesses, and professionals.

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