Ads Script by

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Assist users to generate and refine Google Ads Scripts.

January 30, 2024


Ads Script by

It is a powerful GPT designed to revolutionize the way users generate and refine Google Ads Scripts.


AWQL to GAQL Translation:

It can seamlessly translate AWQL (AdWords Query Language) code to GAQL (Google Ads Query Language), enhancing script flexibility and compatibility.

Detailed Performance Max Campaign Scripts:

Users can create detailed scripts that analyze expenditure across channels in Performance Max campaigns, providing comprehensive insights to optimize advertising strategies.

Auto Applied Recommendations Monitoring:

The tool generates scripts that search for Auto Applied recommendations from Google and notifies users via email, ensuring prompt awareness and action regarding potential optimizations.

Script Error Solutions:

Ads Script offers potential solutions for script errors, aiding users in identifying and resolving issues efficiently, minimizing disruptions to advertising workflows.

Search Term Exports to Google Spreadsheets:

Users can leverage the tool to generate scripts facilitating the export of search terms from Performance Max campaigns to Google Spreadsheets, enhancing data organization and management.

Ideal Uses

Digital Marketing Agencies:

Digital marketing agencies can integrate Ads Script by into their workflow, automating routine tasks, resolving script errors, and optimizing ad spend across diverse client campaigns.

E-commerce Platforms:

E-commerce platforms can utilize AI to automate Google Ads processes, ensuring that advertising efforts are streamlined, error-free, and consistently optimized for performance.

Marketing Departments:

Marketing departments within businesses can benefit from Ads Script by automating script-related tasks, monitoring recommendations, and ensuring efficient utilization of advertising budgets.

Ad Tech Companies:

Ad tech companies can integrate AI to enhance the functionality of their platforms, offering users advanced scripting capabilities for Google Ads management.

Performance Marketing Teams:

Teams focused on performance marketing can leverage AI to automate data exports, analyze campaign performance, and implement optimizations based on Auto Applied recommendations.


Ads Script by emerges as an indispensable tool for individuals and businesses navigating the complexities of Google Ads. By automating tasks, resolving errors, and providing advanced scripting solutions, it contributes to more efficient and optimized advertising strategies in the digital marketing landscape.

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