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Adam.ai empowers teams and individuals to master their meeting management with its intelligent all-in-one platform.

May 4, 2023



A comprehensive meeting management platform designed to revolutionize the way teams capture, manage, and share knowledge throughout the meeting lifecycle.

Highlight Features:

  • Booking Pages & Invitations: Syncing calendars, creating personalized booking pages, and sending invitations to team members and guests can be done seamlessly, streamlining the entire meeting setup process.
  • Built-in Video Conferencing: Collaborating on meeting content is made easy with its built-in video conferencing feature.
  • Content Management & Collaboration: From capturing meeting minutes and creating polls to assigning actions and making informed decisions, teams can collaborate effectively.
  • Action Tracking and Follow-up: Streamline meeting follow-up with adam.ai’s dedicated actions page.

Ideal Use: 

  • Enterprises: Streamline meeting workflows across the organization, ensuring that meeting knowledge is efficiently captured and shared.
  • Small Businesses: Small businesses can integrate existing tools, optimize resources, and save time and costs, all while fostering seamless collaboration and task management.
  • Individuals: Individuals can leverage this to efficiently manage multiple projects, prepare for meetings, run productive sessions, and ensure thorough follow-up.


By seamlessly integrating booking, collaboration, content management, and AI-driven assistance, adam.ai optimizes meeting efficiency, captures valuable knowledge, and ensures follow-up on action items. With its versatile use cases across enterprises, small businesses, and individuals, It is a smart solution that fits every business need.

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