Elevate your YT content with AI generated shorts

May 3, 2023


$ 10


It is an AI-based tool designed specifically for YouTube creators, offering them a range of features to optimize their content for increased views and subscribers.

Highlight Features:

  1. AI-driven analysis: It utilizes advanced AI algorithms to automatically extract the best moments from long-form videos.
  2. Time-saving: By automatically generating shorter, engaging videos from long-form content, creators can save valuable time and effort.
  3. Sharing platform: By uploading and sharing their shorter videos on the platform, creators can maximize their reach and grow their subscriber base.

Ideal Use:

  1. Transform long-form content into shorter videos: 2short.ai is perfect for YouTube creators who have long-form videos but want to cater to audiences who prefer shorter, more digestible content.
  2. Expand audience reach and grow subscriber base: This additional exposure can contribute to the growth of the creator’s subscriber base and overall channel success.


With its AI-driven analysis, time-saving capabilities, and dedicated sharing platform, creators can transform long-form videos into shorter, engaging content, save time in the editing process, and expand their audience reach.

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