It simplifies translation of products and content.

December 2, 2023



It is an innovative AI-powered tool strategically crafted to empower businesses and content creators in reaching a global audience.


  1. AI Localization: It simplifies the translation of products and content effortlessly by leveraging AI Localization. Users can select the target language and format, including JSON, Plain Text, React-Intl, and Format.JS.
  2. Wide Range of Target Languages: It supports an extensive array of target languages, including Arabic, German, English, Russian, Simplified, and Traditional Chinese.
  3. Autopilot Translation Feature: The Autopilot feature automates the translation process by seamlessly integrating with users’ workflows. AI is utilized to automatically translate content updates, reducing manual efforts.
  4. Straightforward Authentication: 18now ensures a straightforward authentication process to prevent abuse and secure access to its services.

Ideal Uses:

  1. For E-commerce Platforms: Ideal for e-commerce platforms looking to expand globally by localizing product information and content.
  2. For Content Creation Platforms: Beneficial for content creation platforms seeking to automate the translation of content updates.
  3. For Global Tech Companies: Suited for global tech companies aiming to ensure their software and products are accessible in multiple languages.


18now emerges as a dynamic solution for businesses and individuals aspiring to break language barriers and extend their influence globally. Through the combination of AI Localization and Autopilot features, the tool offers an efficient and user-friendly approach to translation, empowering users to connect with diverse audiences effortlessly.

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